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Sunday Statistics 2/26/12

Not a fan Part 3 – Choosing Intimacy. God knows me intimately, even more intimately than my wife knows me. He knows my every thought, my every hope, and my every dream. He wants me to know Him intimately. To be intimate I need to be vulnerable as well. That’s one thing that could keep people from being a follower. Fans choose knowledge and followers embrace intimacy and true freedom is found when we are fully vulnerable. Most of us are more comfortable with learning about God that we are truly knowing God. Knowledge of God is important but we can’t expect this knowledge to replace a close, personal, intimate relationship with God.

Here are this week’s numbers from our services Sunday. This year to date we have seen 34 people commit to Christ. We had 12 registered first time guests this week including 4 new kids in Kid Crossing and 2 students at XLR8 on Wednesday! Our total Sunday attendance was 1016. Our offering this week totaled $15,515.94 and our current year to date average is $19,458 per week.

Finally, our current Because People Matter pledges total $1,223,839.21 including $117,410.45 already collected!   Scott announced our Phase 1 plan and timing which includes our move to Adrian High School on July 1, 2012.  Once we have collected $275,000 we can kick off the architects to begin the design phase for the Broad Street Building Phase 1 renovation(about 5 months).  At the $600,000 collection point we can break ground(about 13 – 15 months). Check out the details under the Because People Matter tab on Crossroads’ website and click on Phase 1.  Feel free to contact me at the church office (266-1919) with any questions.


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